All of your daily patient and staff management needs in one place, on one easy to use connected platform


OneTouch Health is a multi-functional platform allowing care providers to manage every aspect of their patients needs simply through sharing relevant information with the key people involved in the care delivery circle.

Care providers can manage a range of topics such as HR, EMAR, time and attendance and payroll and invoicing. 



Central Management System

One mobile app that fully supports the management of all your care delivery needs.

Our simple to use, yet powerful system provides you with the tools to manage, plan and enhance the delivery of care and staff communications. 



One mobile app to manage in real time.

We understand the specific challenges that care providers face. In creating OneTouch Health we have recognised what requirements are needed to support carers in the management of daily care. By reducing the time spent on admin and paperwork this enables the carer to deliver the best care experiences to the clients. That's why we care more, so you can care better.




One mobile app that allows family members to participate in, monitor and support their loved ones.

Now more than ever it is important to keep our users connected to their loved ones. By enabling relatives to participate and monitor care this provides reassurance and can also help combat loneliness for our users. 



One mobile app that offers daily engagement relating to client care and wellness that provide for better patient self-management.

Message from the CEO

Message from the CEO


"We can see the benefits of how our platform provides a positive impact in many aspects of the care industry, from domiciliary care to complex care. As a team we are driven to continue to support care providers, carers and their clients in the supply of an easy to use singular platform"

- Dermot Clancy

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