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Back Office Solutions

One solution to better care

One seamless platform to deliver business-critical efficiencies.

OneTouch Health Heart
OneTouch is a single, multi-functional Care Management System which allows care providers to manage every aspect of their client’s needs using one, seamless platform to deliver business-critical efficiencies and continuous improvements in care quality.

At OneTouch, we understand the complexities and challenges that care organisations face in managing their operations efficiently while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Our comprehensive back office solutions are designed to streamline your care operations, providing you with peace of mind and empowering you to focus on delivering exceptional care.

Key Features:

1. User-Friendly Interface:

  • Our intuitive and user-friendly interface allows you to navigate through the system effortlessly, providing a quick overview of your care operations at a glance.
  • Easily access key information, schedules, and reports to make informed decisions promptly.

2. Streamlined Operations:

  • OneTouch Back Office Solutions automate and simplify various administrative tasks, reducing the time and effort required for manual processes.
  • Efficiently manage staff schedules, HR, client records, and invoicing and payroll, ensuring a seamless workflow.

3. Real-Time Monitoring:

  • Stay informed about the status of your care operations in real-time. Monitor staff activities, client progress, and any critical alerts to address issues promptly.
  • Receive notifications and updates instantly, providing you with peace of mind and the ability to respond to changing situations effectively.

4. Compliance and Regulatory Adherence:

  • OneTouch is designed to help care organisations adhere to industry regulations and compliance standards effortlessly.
  • Automatically generate reports and documentation required for audits, ensuring your organisation remains in compliance with regulatory requirements.

5. Secure Data Management:

  • We prioritise the security and confidentiality of your data. Our system employs robust encryption and security measures to safeguard sensitive information.
  • Rest assured that your organisation’s data is protected, meeting the highest standards of security and privacy.

OneTouch is a multi-functional Care Management System which allows care providers to manage every aspect of their clients’ needs. Information is shared simply, instantly and securely, across all key stakeholders involved in an individual’s care delivery circle. We’re also ISO 90001, ISO 270001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certified and fully UK GDPR compliant.

The key components of our platform are Care Rostering, Care planning Medication Management, Charting and Patient metrics, HR and Training, Invoicing and Payroll, A Family and Client app, Compliance, Reporting and Auditing, Call Monitoring Digital tasks and Client Data.

Our users love us because we make their lives easier and we provide them with the digital tools that help them gain efficiencies. OneTouch is built to complement the skills of your workforce by giving them an easy-to-use system that has the functionality they need to do what they do best – provide care. OneTouch makes admin tasks simple, straightforward and quick to complete. This creates the most valuable resource of all – time. Time to focus on the service user, and the care provided by your organisation.

OT Power of One Circle

We provide a single system, on a single platform that manages the operational needs of care providers. This includes full and bespoke functionality suites for carers, clients, client families and the management team of your care organisation. All this functionality is available from a single system to allow for instant sharing of information across all stakeholders. For example, if a carer calls in sick at short notice the admin team can immediately see which carer is best placed to cover the visit and assign it, the client’s family get immediate visibility of the change via the family app and the carer has instant access to the client’s complete digital health record and any associated information that may be required.

We are on a mission to improve the lives of everyone receiving care through our technology and support. OneTouch is built by care professionals, for care professional. Our in-house team is made up of clinicians, nurses, social workers and former care home managers.  We pride ourselves on working closely with our users to provide a best-in-class system that they love using because it makes their day-to-day working lives easier. OneTouch has been developed as a single digital platform that provides a comprehensive functionality suite to let you start with scheduling while also providing digital solutions to manage every other aspect of the care delivery journey. We even help you to prepare for and excel during audits!

Touching a mobile phone

No – we believe that changing to our system should be as easy as turning on a light switch. To make sure it is actually this easy our Customer Success Team work with you to build a comprehensive implementation plan before you go live with OneTouch. Our commitment is to ensure a smooth and flawless transition from your current provider (whether that’s a digital or paper-based solution) to our platform. We will help with any data migration requirements you have to make sure your records are up to date in OneTouch. Our implementation process is meticulously designed to make sure that everybody in your organisation is ready to go with their new system from day one. We also have a dedicated Support Team on hand to handle any queries you have once you go live. We normally manage to resolve any queries you have within 30 minutes of receiving them during standard business hours.

Our people make OneTouch what it is. Our team embodies a unique blend of professionalism, dedication, and a genuine passion for exceeding customer expectations. When we work with our users we try to build collaborative partnerships which enable us to  who mutually support each other. We want the best for all of our users and our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our work, fostering an environment where creativity and innovation flourish.

One Touch’s customer-centric approach sets us apart in the industry. We strive to understand and fulfill customer needs whenever we can. Our users love us and we pride ourselves on seamlessly integrating customer feedback into our system and our processes.

What truly stands out about One Touch is the sense of community and shared purpose that permeates the workplace. The positive energy and camaraderie among team members contribute to a collaborative atmosphere where everyone feels valued and motivated. It’s this unique combination of exceptional individuals, customer dedication, and a vibrant workplace culture that makes One Touch not just a company to work for, but a partner that you will love to engage with.

It’s simple – we want to transform the world of care.

We want to work towards this vision by achieving our our mission of improving the lives of everyone receiving care through our technology and support.

We recognise that these are lofty goals but we firmly believe that the OneTouch system, alongside our sister products like tri.x and AutumnCare, can have a transformative impact on our customers’ day-to-day operations and workflows. Whether you are moving from a paper-based system or an other digital provider we’re confident you won’t regret using OneTouch. Ultimately we want to build a long-lasting and frutiful relationship with all of our users while also empowering your own relationships with your staff, your clients and their families.