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Enhancing Client Engagement

A user-friendly client app that helps them progress through their care plans


Our user-friendly Client App serves as a comprehensive platform, providing a range of organisational, therapeutic, and communication features to empower clients in managing their well-being effectively.

Key Features:

  1. Daily Diaries Life: OneTouch’s Client App allows users to maintain daily diaries, facilitating a structured and insightful approach to their daily activities. Clients can record important events, track progress, and reflect on their experiences, fostering a deeper understanding of their health journey.
  2. Customised Journals: Tailored to individual preferences, our Client App enables users to create and maintain personalised journals. This feature encourages self-reflection and assists clients in documenting their thoughts, emotions, and milestones throughout their care plan.
  3. News Feeds: Stay informed and connected with relevant news and updates related to health and wellness. The application provides a curated news feed, ensuring clients have access to timely and valuable information that aligns with their care goals.
  4. Cognitive Training: OneTouch prioritizss mental well-being by incorporating cognitive training modules into the Client Solution. Clients can engage in activities designed to enhance cognitive functions, promoting mental agility and resilience.
  5. Wellness Tracking: The Client App includes robust wellness tracking capabilities, allowing clients to monitor various aspects of their health, such as physical activity, nutrition, and sleep patterns. Real-time tracking provides valuable insights and empowers clients to make informed decisions about their lifestyle.
  6. Easy-to-use Touch Screen Technology: OneTouch understands the importance of accessibility. Our application features intuitive touch screen technology, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for clients of all ages and technical abilities.
  7. Video Calling: Foster connections with caregivers, healthcare professionals, and loved ones through integrated video calling. This feature enhances communication and support networks, creating a more holistic approach to client care.
  8. Assists Self-Management of Care Programs: OneTouch’s Client Solution is designed to empower clients in actively managing their care programmes. With features like notifications and real-time tracking, clients can take charge of their well-being, leading to improved outcomes and a higher quality of life.

See it in action

Sometimes seeing is believing – watch the video to see how we can help you to today.

Our simple to use, yet powerful system provides you with the tools to manage, plan and enhance the delivery of care and staff communications.

It was clear that OneTouch had the best product by far. They demonstrated that they were very easy people to deal with and that was important to us. When you are rolling out software of this scale, it’s a massive project for our business and it’s not just about the technology, it’s about the people you’re working with too. 

Sarah Leskinen-Keel, Chief Operating Officer AginCare
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It’s changed the way that we work. Previously the homecare team would sign the prior week off on a Monday for the week before. Now, everything’s authorised on a daily basis. We have a lot of shifts to approve and the process goes entirely through OneTouch now which has proven easier and so much quicker. OneTouch has been very responsive in terms of any suggestions that we’ve made for alterations. To me, that’s really useful as I feel like they’re listening and developing the system.

Jo Boardman, Finance Director Alcedo Care
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It really is a fantastic system; we would be lost without it. I don’t foresee us ever using another system because everything we need is right there! It has been a game changer for us, the system has our back, and we fully trust its capabilities.

Click here to read the full case study. 

Paula Maher, Founder and Managing Director Care at Home
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We really like that the system provides a comprehensive view of both carers and clients. With the systems capability for immediate updates and managerial oversight, operations have become more efficient and accurate. This transition has minimised delays and enhanced the overall quality of care delivered to clients.

David Wallace, Director of Strategy and Operations Hibernia
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It’s the hub. It’s at the centre of everything we do. We needed a robust, trusted partner and OneTouch Health is exactly that and we hope that partnership will be strengthened over the coming years. It’s revolutionary. Everyone has all the information, from photos of patients’ houses and directions on getting there to patient charts to rotas and calendars. The future for me is with OneTouch. 

David Haswell, Managing Director Bluebird NE
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