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Unlock the power of great schedulers

OneTouch compliments the expertise of your schedulers to enable and empower the brilliant work they do.

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Are you struggling with the chaos of last-minute scheduling and reactive planning? We know that scheduling is one of the most critical aspects of service coordination, and it can significantly impact the quality of care and the efficiency of your operations. Our system works with your schedulers to help them be more efficient and effective. We give schedulers the tools they need to remove their administrative burden and focus on what they do best, getting the right care, to the right person at the right time. Keep reading to learn more of the benefits our market-leading scheduling functionality can offer your organisation and how we can transform your service coordination processes.

1. OneTouch facilitates proactive scheduling

Our users always tell us that the key to successful service coordination lies in proactive scheduling. Rather than reacting when emergencies occur, a proactive approach involves planning services in advance so that the inevitable emergencies can be dealt with efficiently and with minimal impact to the overall schedule. OneTouch allows you to instantly match the right carer, with the right skills to the right individuals based on their preferences and clinical requirements. The benefits of OneTouch’s proactive scheduling functionality include:

  • Improved Quality: Always selecting the right personnel for each service ensures that your service users receive high-quality care tailored to their individual needs. The system shows you at a glance if personnel are not right for particular users based on everything from location to required skills and even if they do or don’t like pets!
  • Consistency and Continuity: OneTouch lets you build and manage recurring schedules, ensuring that clients interact with the same caregivers as much as possible. This consistency builds familiarity and strong relationships and means that reactive changes or adjustments are easier to make from the stable foundation that OneTouch has helped you to establish.
  • Reduced Stress: We pride ourselves on helping your schedulers do what they do best. Our tools enable proactivity to help schedulers know that they can minimise the stresses of the job which in turn increases their own job satisfaction.

2. We give you the tools to be efficient

Efficient scheduling tools are essential for both proactive and reactive scheduling. OneTouch gives you the tools to streamline your process, saving time and resources. Some of the key advantages of our scheduling tools include:

  • Immediate Adjustments: Tools like a wall chart allow coordinators to make real-time changes to the schedule, promoting instant reactive scheduling that is communicated to all stakeholders immediately, as soon as any changes are made.
  • Visibility: All scheduling functions and information are available on our single platform, ensuring immediate visibility for the entire team. This visibility reduces miscommunications and helps to ensure smooth service coordination.
  • Accessibility: A good scheduling system ensures that necessary information is readily accessible to everyone involved, from caregivers to clients’ families. OneTouch provides apps for carers and families to ensure that they can access the information they need to see, whenever and wherever they need to see it.

3. Skills-Based Scheduling for Clinical Services

While many scheduling features are well-known, one often underutilised tool in OneTouch is called Skills Based-Scheduling. This type of scheduling can be particularly beneficial for clinical services. Some key advantages include:

  • Precision Matching: Tag scheduling assigns a percentage match between each carer and the specific service user based on pre-defined tags, helping to match clients with caregivers who have the most suitable skills.
  • Clinical-Level Decision Making: This tool enables coordinators to make highly informed decisions based on availability, skill sets, and other key factors.
  • Quality Assurance: Tag scheduling can assist in ensuring that caregivers have the right training and qualifications for specific clients, improving compliance and safety.

4. Improve staff retention, compliance and transparency

Easily manage schedules to enhance your service coordination. OneTouch’s scheduling system helps to:

  • Improve Compliance: The schedules work so well that they help to engage your staff and gives people more time to ensure they can focus on key compliance tasks to help you be ready for your audits. Every aspect of scheduling is also available via reports to demonstrate your CQC compliance.
  • Transparency: All carers can see and manage their schedules via the OneTouch Carer App – they know where they need to be and when they need to be there so that they can get the most out of their day.
  • Staff Retention: Enhancing engagement by using the full potential of your scheduling system can lead to higher job satisfaction and reduced staff turnover.

Are you ready to transform your service coordination process and provide higher quality care while also increasing efficiencies? By embracing proactive scheduling, using the fanstastic scheduling tools, and unlocking the potential of tag scheduling with OneTouch, you can take your service coordination to the next level. Explore how these tools can benefit your service coordination today.