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Our Solution

OneTouch gives you and your team all the functionality you could dream of.

OneTouch Health Heart
OneTouch has you covered. We’ve so much functionality, all in one place and instantly accessible by you and your team. In fact, it can be hard to explain just how much you can do with OneTouch. The below is a summary of the core benefits we can bring to your organisation but often it’s better to see the system in action to get an understanding of the scale and usability of our award-winning system.

Our users love the peace of mind that comes with using OneTouch. They know that everything about their care delivery can be managed, viewed, updated and reported on from our single platform. Here’s an overview of our main areas of functionality.

Staff Management and Scheduling Features

Digital Tasks

  • Ensure the prompting and recording of key care components for care delivery
  • Record progress towards outcomes
  • Identify trends and patterns in behaviour
  • Facilitates audits of client engagement levels
  • Supplements the person centred care plans with reportable client data

Scheduling and Rostering

  • Create recurring and templated events with easy carer swap and replace ability
  • Drag and drop events to edit, reassign or move on the wallchart
  • Add care notes, task lists, funding streams and multiple carers to events
  • Easily match employee skills and qualifications with clinical needs
  • Availability, hours worked, travel time and the ability to track against contracted hours
  • Carer and client matching via tag scheduling
  • Live travel runs optimisation
  • Shift Bidding

HR Features

  • Employee onboarding and compliance management
  • Training videos and documents available directly within the OneTouch Carer App
  • Self-reporting of selected training/qualification renewals
  • Appraisals, Supervisions, Self-Assessments
  • Employee portal for managing timesheets/pay/leave etc.
  • Self-service ability for carers to manage their payslips, annual leave, sickness/absence notifications etc.

Electronic Call Monitoring

  • Call monitoring dashboard
  • Verified Attendance with GPS location validation
  • Late/No Show automated notifications
  • Easy employee swaps based on availability, proximity and experience
  • Create clock-ins on behalf of employees if they are unable to clock-in

KPI Reporting

  • Reporting suite with full library of pre-configured reports
  • All reports easily formatted and downloadable with a complete audit trail
  • Power BI analytics integration (gateway server hosting cost)
  • Customisable dashboards displaying relevant metrics on a live feed for managers

Digital Staff Training

  • Create requests for completion of training needs
  • Self-directed learning with video and documentary support
  • Self-assessment of learning objectives
  • Templated progression pathways for staff-upskilling
  • Centralised and accessible repository of company documents

Care Management Features

Medication Management & EMAR

  • Manage stock cabinets for all users, linked to administration records
  • Single interface for all medication requirements
  • Customisable due/late reminders and alerts for co-ordinators
  • Review and escalate any missed/inappropriate administrators
  • Live link to the NHS medication database

Digital Care Plans

  • Create bespoke document templates for use across multiple services
  • Document Repository
  • Forms Builder
  • Person-centred assessment pathways by design
  • Link to clinical interventions and medication management
  • Enforce assessment pathways through personalised workflows

Client Data (Electronic Health Records)

  • Client Profile & Electronic Record
  • Interactions Log
  • GP Connect

Back Office Functionality

Invoicing & Payroll

  • Fully automated payroll and invoicing (Clients/Funder)
  • Centralised management information and forecasting
  • Split Billing by funder, percentage or thresholds, integrated with Sage/Xero/Moneysoft and more
  • HTE Compliant Invoicing
  • Multi-rate pay calculations

Simplify your Audits

  • Auditing dashboard with customisable live feed
  • All system interaction logged with username, date and time stamp
  • Medications audit with counter signatures
  • Bespoke audit pathways can be configured by service type
  • Configurable external auditor login supported

Clinical Governance done better!

  • Predefined workflow by issue type, e.g. incidents, safeguarding etc.
  • Live feed of all clinical records with sign-off and escalation pathway
  • Dashboard overview of clinical interventions by client/service/branch
  • Customisable alerts based on user requirements
  • KPI monitoring based on clinical governance requirements


  • Pre-configured Reports
  • Customisable Dashboards
  • Power BI Integrations

Family & Client Communications

  • Messaging
  • Notes
  • Workflow
  • Task Completions

It was clear that OneTouch had the best product by far. They demonstrated that they were very easy people to deal with and that was important to us. When you are rolling out software of this scale, it’s a massive project for our business and it’s not just about the technology, it’s about the people you’re working with too. 

Sarah Leskinen-Keel, Chief Operating Officer AginCare
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It’s changed the way that we work. Previously the homecare team would sign the prior week off on a Monday for the week before. Now, everything’s authorised on a daily basis. We have a lot of shifts to approve and the process goes entirely through OneTouch now which has proven easier and so much quicker. OneTouch has been very responsive in terms of any suggestions that we’ve made for alterations. To me, that’s really useful as I feel like they’re listening and developing the system.

Jo Boardman, Finance Director Alcedo Care
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It really is a fantastic system; we would be lost without it. I don’t foresee us ever using another system because everything we need is right there! It has been a game changer for us, the system has our back, and we fully trust its capabilities.

Click here to read the full case study. 

Paula Maher, Founder and Managing Director Care at Home
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We really like that the system provides a comprehensive view of both carers and clients. With the systems capability for immediate updates and managerial oversight, operations have become more efficient and accurate. This transition has minimised delays and enhanced the overall quality of care delivered to clients.

David Wallace, Director of Strategy and Operations Hibernia
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It’s the hub. It’s at the centre of everything we do. We needed a robust, trusted partner and OneTouch Health is exactly that and we hope that partnership will be strengthened over the coming years. It’s revolutionary. Everyone has all the information, from photos of patients’ houses and directions on getting there to patient charts to rotas and calendars. The future for me is with OneTouch. 

David Haswell, Managing Director Bluebird NE
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