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Click a button and, like magic, your invoicing and payroll is done!

OneTouch simplifies invoicing and payroll like no other care management system on the market.

OneTouch Health Heart
We know how much time can be spent on invoicing and payroll. We take these complex processes and use our system to simplify and speed them up for you as much as possible. In fact, if you set things up right it can be as simple as clicking a button to create your invoices and manage your payroll. Sounds good right? Keep reading to see how we could make this a reality for you and give you some much needed time back in your day!

We won’t bore you by talking about the importance of getting paid and paying your staff. It’s crucial and we get it. We’re here to make invoicing and payroll a breeze for you and your team. In fact, we have a huge suite of tools that are designed to make these processes as simple as possible. It starts during your oboarding sessions where our team look at your bespoke financial requirements and show you how you can build your financial processes to work in-line with your specific requirements.

This is crucial because if you set it up correctly at the start you can save yourself countless hours by simply clicking a button to run all of your invoices and complete your gross payroll calculations whenever you need to.

It all starts with our digital timesheets

Every calculation is based on the timesheets and calculated from the actual clock-ins and clock outs of your carers. Unlike other systems OneTouch’s single platform ensures that all of the data you need to calculate your payroll and invoicing flows seamlessly from this point of entry onwards. We integrate compliance checks, payroll, and invoicing into a unified process, so that we can give you unparalleled control and visibility over your financial operations.

Flexibility redefined

Flexibility is the cornerstone of the OneTouch system, providing caregivers and administrators the freedom to tailor billing options to your unique needs. Whether billing based on planned time or actual time spent during visits, the system accommodates diverse job types and contracts. This flexibility extends to payment configuration, allowing for nuanced setups based on roles, seniority, skill sets, or the specific type of service provided. The result is a finely tuned financial engine that adapts to the intricacies of your care service, ensuring accuracy and transparency in every transaction.

Streamlined payroll processes

When it comes to payroll we like to take your complex requirements and use our system to create simple and straight forward workflows to make running payroll as effortless as possible. We include travel time, expenses, and varied pay rates calculations as standard, based on your specific requirement. The system seamlessly calculates your gross pay data so that it can be exported data to your chosen payroll software, creating a seamless process that reduces administrative burdens and minimises the risk of errors. We also have an embedded National Minimum Wage (NMW) calculator that ensures that every payment aligns with regulatory standards, providing both caregivers and administrators peace of mind.

Automation for efficiency

Let us solve your invoicing issues! So often we hear users who had spent days on invoicing when using paper based or other systems. With OneTouch we can change days into hours. We streamline your invoicing process and automate them as much as possible to save you time. You can generate invoices based on customisable cycles that work for specifically how your business operates. This feature, coupled with the ability to create diverse invoice templates, offers unparalleled flexibility in meeting the unique requirements of different contracts and stakeholders. Say goodbye to manual invoice generation; OneTouch gives you efficiency and saves you time.

Managing complexity with ease

Care services often involve complex financial arrangements such as split billing scenarios and recurring expenses. OneTouch not only meets these challenges head-on but simplifies them. The system efficiently manages split billing for different payers, whether it be local authorities, family members, or personal contributions. Additionally, the handling of recurring expenses becomes a breeze with automated processes, ensuring routine payments are managed seamlessly, freeing up time for caregivers to focus on what matters most—the well-being of their clients.

A comprehensive solution

By combining innovation, flexibility, and automation, OneTouch empowers care providers to navigate the complexities of invoicing and payroll with confidence and ease. As you delve into the details of our solution, you’ll discover a world where precision and compassion intersect, revolutionising the way we approach financial management in the realm of caregiving. Welcome to a new era in care services, where OneTouch sets the standard for excellence.