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The HR tools you need to manage your team

OneTouch provides a comprehensive suite of HR tools to assist you and your team.

OneTouch Health Heart
From emlpoyee onboarding to training and compliance tasks, our HR module gives you everything you need to manage your team. We provide an employee portal for managing their needs around timesheets, pay, annual leave etc, which gives them the power to self-serve. If an employee is sick it can be logged in the carer app, with notifications sent to management in order to make sure that the employees tasks and visits are handled during their sick leave. The best way to see everything we can do for your HR operation is to book a demo with us but keep reading to learn more about some of the key benefits we offer.

Career Development and Progression: OneTouch recognises the need for career paths within the care industry and offers tools to identify skills and support career progression. You want your staff to feel valued and know what they need in order to progress their career within your organisation. We provide tools for you to manage your tailored appraisals, supervisions, and create bespoke plans to evaluate staff performance and potential.

Alerts and Compliance: The system notifies administrators of crucial updates, renewals, or concerning responses in appraisals. These alerts are highly valued by our users because they take the guess work out of managing your team. OneTouch essentially assists in maintaining your staff’s compliance by flagging issues such as missing vaccinations or health conditions and allowing you to deal with them and remain compliant.

Customisable Forms and Plans: Users can create personalised forms to evaluate employee values, skills, and communication abilities, ensuring a better understanding of each individual’s strengths and areas for improvement. These forms can be pushed out to all staff via the carer app which lets the team complete them on their phone to boost completion and minimise the burden of evaluations on your staff.

Skills Matrix and Compliance Tracking: OneTouch provides a details skills matrix which lets you monitor mandatory training completion at a glance. The Skills Matrix letse managers to track employees’ progress, identifies missing training, and ensures full compliance with required skill sets across your team.

Tag and Skill Scheduling for Service Optimisation: The system optimises service delivery by tagging individuals in the team with the specific skills required for delivering specific/complex services. It ensures the most qualified personnel are assigned to these services, minimising the potential risks associated with improper skill matches.

Leave Management and Absence Tracking: OneTouch simplifies holiday requests, leave management, and absence tracking. Your team can enter them via the carer app and management are provided with a detailed overview of employee absences, reasons for leave, and overall sick records.

Performance Management and Governance: OneTouch lets you handle all of your performance management, disciplinary actions, and grievance procedures from a single location. The system also ensures confidentiality by categorising HR files and allowing controlled access to sensitive information on an ‘as required’ basis.

Workflow Tools for Incident Reporting: In OneTouch you can build and pre-configure specific workflows that mirror the processes and procedures of incident reporting in your organisation. This makes it straightforward to report incidents to regulatory bodies if required and conduct internal reviews. In turn this streamlines your reporting and auditing process.

Training Matrix Integration: Integrating training records into OneTouch eliminates the need for separate platforms and gives management a comprehensive overview of staff compliance and training status.

Enhanced Safety and Compliance: By providing a safety net for ensuring skilled personnel are assigned, OneTouch contributes significantly to safety and compliance within your care organisation.

Overall, OneTouch’s HR Module offers a holistic approach to HR management in the care industry, emphasising employee development, compliance, safety, and efficient service delivery.