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Build pesonalised care plans quickly and easily

OneTouch lets you build and manage your care plans digitally.

OneTouch Health Heart
Our care planning functionality provides you with a comprehensive system designed to transform the way care plans are created, managed, and executed. Whether you’re moving from paper based forms and plans or already have digitised this process we can help you make it better! Our platform offers a suite of tools that empower users to seamlessly transition from traditional paper-based planning to a dynamic digital environment. With a focus on customisation, accessibility, and compliance, OneTouch streamlines the creation of personalised care plans, ensuring efficient and tailored care provision for individuals. Let’s explore how OneTouch’s innovative features and functionalities redefine the landscape of care planning.

Uploading and Accessing Plans and Forms

  • Users have the option to utilise digital plans or upload existing PDF versions of plans or forms, enabling easy access through the admin suite or the app.
  • For organisations transitioning to digital planning, a step-by-step approach allows for gradual adoption, starting by uploading existing documents into a structured folder system accessible to workers via the app.

Building Customised Plans and Forms

  • OneTouch provides a flexible, user-friendly interface for creating personalised care plans and forms without any need for coding skills. If you can edit a Word Doc you can build a care plan in OneTouch!
  • Various question types (e.g., single option, multi-choice, free text) can be incorporated, allowing for the creation of tailored forms matching current documentation formats.

Advanced Functionality and Customisation

  • Each question in the forms can carry additional functionalities like risk scoring and alerts, facilitating risk assessment and timely notifications based on specific answers.
  • Form completion triggers further actions, such as generating follow-on forms or providing specific instructions based on responses, enhancing the depth of assessment and care provision.

Plan Creation and Management

  • Individual forms, when combined, construct comprehensive care plans, reflecting a holistic view of care.
  • Plans are easily accessible, organised, and archived, allowing for clear tracking of updates, compliance, and historical changes.

Review Dates and Compliance Tracking

  • Review dates for plans can be preconfigured based on policies, ensuring timely updates and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • A matrix report highlights completion dates across multiple plans for both staff and clients, aiding in prioritising reviews and demonstrating compliance during inspections.

What makes us different from other providers?

  • The system offers personalised care planning, emphasizing customisation tailored to individual service needs.
  • Accessibility through the app ensures immediate access to updated plans for care workers.
  • Auditability features simplify tracking changes between versions, aiding compliance checks and inspections.

Key Benefits

  • Personalisation: Tailored plans minimize non-applicable information, ensuring relevance.
  • Accessibility: Easy access and updates via the app streamline care provision.
  • Audit Trail: Detailed history and change tracking enable transparent compliance and inspection readiness.

OneTouch’s care planning functionality is designed to empower organizations with customizable, accessible, and compliant care planning tools, ensuring high-quality care provision and ease of regulatory compliance. If you’d like to see it in action just click the button below to request a demo.