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Demonstrate your excellence.

OneTouch lets you move beyond just demonstrating compliance and gives you the tools to prove the excellence of your service.

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With the OneTouchHealth CQC Audit Tool, you’re not just demonstrating compliance; you’re shining a spotlight on your care home’s exceptional services. Elevate your inspection experience, showcase your best practices, and highlight what truly makes your care home outstanding. We want to make your compliance process as easy as possible so we have developed the tools that help to ensure your basic compliance requirements are captured and recorded on an ongoing basis. Then we go one step further by enabling you to report on what makes you and your team great!

Why do our users love our Auditing tools?

We know what you are inspected on and we have worked with our users to ensure that OneTouch enables you to provide the evidence that you are compliant and to demonstrate exactly how and why your service does what it does. You can build out the categories that you need for an inspection and then simply run the reports for the date range you need when the inspectors arrive. Don’t just justify that you’re doing a good job, show them why, and how, you shine!

  • Beyond Compliance: Our auditing tool isn’t just about meeting standards; it’s about showcasing your commitment to excellence. We empower you to go above and beyond, highlighting the best practices that set your care home apart.
  • Streamlined Demonstration: With our user-friendly interface, compile evidence effortlessly across the five key inspection areas – safety, care, responsiveness, effectiveness, and leadership. Showcase your outstanding performance in each area effortlessly.
  • Customisation to Your Values: We believe in your unique strengths. Tailor the tool to reflect your care home’s values, practices, and exceptional services. Highlight what matters most to you during inspections.
  • Centralised Evidence: Say goodbye to scattered documentation. Our tool centralises evidence from diverse sources across the OneTouch data ecosystem, while also allowing you to link to various external platforms like LinkedIn as needed, training matrices, community involvement initiatives, and more – all fom a single location.
  • Supporting Your Team: Ease the inspection process for your staff. Provide them with a comprehensive platform that guides and supports them during inspections, boosting their confidence and ensuring they’re prepared to showcase your home’s excellence.

How It Works:

  1. Compilation of Evidence: Easily gather and link evidence from various sources within OneTouch that reflect your care home’s exceptional practices. We match the CQC and other auditng requirements to pull the required data that the system already captures and manages for you and your team.
  2. Customisation: Tailor the tool to align with your care home’s values and unique strengths. As a business you can identify what your key values are and how your team deliver on these values for your service users. OneTouch then lets you digitally record these and they can be accessed by your entire team to guide them on how to be inspected (both internally and externally).
  3. Streamlined Access: Access all evidence in one centralised location, simplifying the inspection process for your team. Pull evidence that will help you demonstrate excellence from wherever it’s stored. Photos on a shared drive? A Christmas Party post on Facebook? Training documentation on the Skills4Care website? No problem, our search function lets you pull all of these assets from a central location within OneTouch.
  4. Regular Updates: Ensure ongoing relevance and improvement by reviewing and updating the tool regularly. Your Quality Team can even determine what exactly your staff need to tell auditors and why they need to tell them it. This helps to build confidence around inspections throughout your organisation. Simply put, OneTouch makes everyone confident that ‘we’ve got this’ and removes a lot of the fear around the auditing and inspection process.

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Contact us at OneTouchHealth to learn more about how our CQC Audit Tool can transform your care home’s inspection process. Elevate your excellence and stand out in the world of care provision.