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Check us out in the latest edition of Homecare Insight

In this November’s edition of Home Care Insight our Head of Strategy, Richard Green talks about the use of technology in the care industry to empower staff and save costs! 💷 🙌

Click here and turn to page 13 to read Richard’s article in full.

Before joining OneTouch Richard worked as a care coordinator so he brings a unique perspective to our team. The article details Richard’s approach to optimising investment in your team to facilitate growth while maintaining the quality of service delivery. As our Head of Strategy Richard is reponsible for the roadmap of the OneTouch system and his clinical bakground is invaluable in terms of making sure that our new developments exceed the needs of our users.

If you’re interested in discovering how integrating the OneTouch platform into your care business can lead to cost savings and empowering staff, then reach out to our expert sales team at 🏆