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Celebrating National Workplace Wellbeing Day at OneTouch

This Friday, April 26th, the team at OneTouch Health are proudly participating in the National Workplace Wellbeing Day, an initiative led by IBEC and dedicated to improving workplace wellness across Ireland. This day highlights the importance of workplace wellness and encourages organisations to support the wellbeing of their staff – something we’re big supporters of at OneTouch.

In order to deliver some meaningful activities for our team our wonderful HR department put together a great agenda for the day as follows:

It all starts with breakfast! We’ll kick off the day with a Healthy Breakfast Catch-up at 10:30 AM in our head office in Oranmore. This gathering provides a wonderful opportunity for our team members to connect while enjoying nutritious breakfast options from our amazing neighbours Espresso 44, embodying our commitment to promoting a healthy start to the day.

Time to talk to the experts! A variety of expert-led sessions on different aspects of wellness will be available for all staff throughout the day. These sessions focus on mental and physical health and provide actionable advice on how to achieve your goals in these areas:

  • Holistic Guidance: Specialists from the Holistic Centre of Excellence will offer advice on enhancing self-esteem, reducing workplace stress, boosting performance, and achieving health-related goals.
  • Building Balance & Boundaries: in this intriguing 30-minute workshop, participants will learn how to better manage work-life balance and establish effective personal boundaries. This session is designed to help our team members integrate sustainable self-care practices into their daily routines, empowering them to maintain control over their professional and personal lives.
  • Emotional Resilience Super Tools: Our mindfulness-based webinar will provide participants with tools to better manage their emotions and thoughts, crucial skills in today’s fast-paced world.
  • Surprise Activity – we can’t tell you too much about this one (because it’s going to be a surprise for us too) but we have been assured by the team organising it that it will be fun, involve getting out and about in Galway city, bonding with our teammates and will finish with light bites and refreshments. We like surprises so we’re looking forward to this one!

By actively participating in National Workplace Wellbeing Day, OneTouch reaffirms our ongoing dedication to fostering an environment where employee health and wellness are prioritised. Our initiatives not only enhance our team’s wellbeing but also contribute to a culture that values and promotes a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Check out our LinkedIn page for some updates from the day as we embrace these opportunities to improve our wellbeing, demonstrating our commitment to being at the forefront of workplace wellness. Together, we can make a positive impact on our personal health and professional productivity, not just on this special day, but all year-round.