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Simplify You Compliance Management Processes with OneTouch

OneTouch streamlines the process of meeting Care Quality Commission (CQC) requirements and preparing for your inspections. At the most basic level our system ensures that all necessary documentation and procedures are organised and readily available, making it easier for your organisation to demonstrate compliance during inspections. You can even create specific logins for inspectors to give them access to the documentation that they need to see. There are some key areas we excel in as follows:

Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

With OneTouch, you can monitor your staff and organisational compliance in real-time, ensuring that you and your opration adhere to CQC standards at all times. The platform provides instant reports and analytics, allowing you to address any issues promptly and effectively before they become problems. We have developed a suite of reports specifically for reporting to the CQC in the UK. These reports can be bookmarked to specific pieces of data available on the system.

Efficient Record-Keeping

OneTouch maintains a comprehensive and up-to-date record of all compliance-related activities. This ensures that all necessary documentation is available for inspectors, reducing the time and effort required to prepare for CQC visits. The platform supports full digitalisation, removing the dependence on paper while allowing reports to be printed if necessary, helping to decrease the carbon footprint of your organisation.

Customisable Checklists and Audits

The platform offers customisable checklists and audit tools tailored to CQC standards. This feature helps ensure that all required processes are followed consistently, making it easier to demonstrate adherence to regulatory requirements during inspections. OneTouch’s CQC Audit Repository page allows users to store relevant system links pertaining to specific guidelines within categorised CQC headings.

Staff Training and Compliance Tracking

OneTouch includes tools for tracking staff training and ensuring that all team members meet the necessary qualifications and certifications. This is crucial for demonstrating compliance with the CQC’s staffing requirements. Using the training features on our Carer App provides 24/7 access to training and support documents, supporting the Commission’s vision to adopt “dignity and client respect” principles.

Incident Management

The incident management feature allows you to record, track, and resolve any incidents quickly. This not only helps in maintaining compliance but also provides a clear record for CQC inspectors to review, demonstrating your commitment to quality and safety.

Centralised Compliance Dashboard

OneTouch provides a centralised dashboard where all compliance-related activities and data are displayed. This makes it easier to oversee compliance efforts, track progress, and provide evidence of compliance during CQC inspections.

Enhanced Person-Centred Care

The platform was developed to provide person-centred care, with an eForm builder allowing customisable forms to be configured as required by your organisation. A library of forms can be developed and becomes accessible against each client’s profile, available for all users in real-time as forms are completed. Real-time evidence of care is delivered by reviewing notes and updates made against the service user’s profile.

Continuity of Care

Continuity of care is supported by displaying the number of hours each carer delivers each week. Using the preferred carer feature ensures staff can be linked with service users on a continued basis. Continuity reports allow services to be monitored, ensuring visits are regularly scheduled with the right staff to build rapport and confidence.

Permissions and Access Control

There is a permissions group called “CQC Audit” containing permission variables “CQC Access” and “Add CQC Page,” allowing top-level administrators to set access permissions appropriate to the role of each user. Records can be shared in real-time with any user given access, as appropriate.

Future-Proofing Service Delivery

The agility and scalability of the OneTouch platform support the delivery of flexibility to meet the changing needs of service users. Assistive technology can be linked to the platform to help future-proof service delivery.

Comprehensive Auditing Tools

OneTouch goes beyond merely demonstrating compliance with our CQC Audit Tool, allowing care homes to showcase their excellence. It centralises evidence from diverse sources within the OneTouch ecosystem, streamlining the demonstration of outstanding practices across safety, care, responsiveness, effectiveness, and leadership. Customisable categories, centralised documentation, and regular updates make the inspection process easier and more comprehensive.

By leveraging the comprehensive features of OneTouch, your organisation can meet CQC standards efficiently and effectively, demonstrating your commitment to providing high-quality care. If you are based in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland all of the above functionality can also be adapted to the requirements of the Care Inspectorate Wales, Care Inspectorate Scotland or the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority as needed.

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